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About Me


My name is Anita and this is a photo of myself with one of my dogs Leo. 
My business has been put on hold due to starting a family.  

I’ve always been a huge animal lover and have a myriad of pets with dogs and cats. I have worked for 20 years in administration and when the business owner retired I decided to bite the bullet and focus on my passion with helping animals.

My interest in canine behaviour started in 2009 when helping a dog charity overseas whom rescues street dogs. Not knowing enough about canine behaviour I started studying and enrolled in a course for my own personal development. I completed a Certificate III in dog behaviour and training with the NDTF. I continued studying and learning, and over the years have completed a puppy instructors course with Vicky Austin, workshops with Turid Rugass, Steve Austin and Dr Ian Dunbar and gained certification with the Dog Biz Dog Walking Academy. I have completed 3 components with Delta Institute. In September & November 2019, I attended IMDT courses in Sydney and passed my IMDT Assessment for IMDT Membership (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) to become a fully qualified IMDT Dog trainer in Australia. In 2020 due to Covid I attended IMDT courses via Zoom. In 2021 my son was born.  I however have completed more education courses with IMDT.  In 2022 I completed a Master of Aggression Course with Michael Shikashio

In the future I hope to start conducting puppy and adult dog classes as well as providing private consultations as part of assessments. My personal future aim is to help pet dogs and their owners to establish healthy and happy relationships using reward-based training techniques. In the meantime I hope to work on my business set up and focus on my family and training my dogs and study.

Education, Training & Achievements

Master Course – Aggression in Dogs with Michael Shikashio
Using Enrichment to treat Aggression (Webinar Emily Strong & Allie Bender)
Dog to Cat Aggression (Webinar Katenna Jones)
The Exercises: Foundations to Advanced, IMDT
Dog and Child Essentials, Pooch Parenting
Breed and Predatory Motor Patterns, IMDT 
Crate Rest? Restricted Exercise?, IMDT 
Dog Trainers Working with Veterinary Teams, IMDT
Dogs And Kids, IMDT
Pain and Behaviour, IMDT
Preparing Dogs for Visits to the Vet, IMDT 
Separation Distress/Anxiety and Related Disorders, IMDT
The Canine Brain, IMDT
The Rucksack Walk, IMDT
Thoughtful Enrichment, IMDT
Basic Animal Behaviour, Dr Temple Grandin
Red Cross Pet First Aid
Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Webinar, IMDT
Owner Motivation Webinar, IMD
Red Flag Behaviours: Canine Emotional Health Webinar, IMDT
Grief Webinar, IMDT
Impulse Control Seminar, IMDT
Behaviour Case Studies Day, IMDT
Dog Aggression and Rehabilitation, IMDT
Funk Up Your Classes, IMDT
Learning Theory, IMDT
Geek Out!, IMDT
Creating Compliance in non-compliant clients Webinar, IMDT
Mind your own business, Webinar, IMDT
Loose Leash Walking, Recall, Morley Vet Centre
Novice, Intermediate Tricks, Morley Vet Centre
IMDT Membership (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers).
4 days Practical Instructors Course, IMDT, NSW
Body Language, IMDT, 1 day course, NSW
Career as a dog trainer, IMDT, 2 day course, NSW
Body Language, IMDT, 1 day course, NSW
Perfect Puppy, IMDT, 1 day course, NSW
Pet Saver, First Aid, Pet Tech, Adelaide
Dog Walking Academy Certification, 3 days workshop, Adelaide
Introduction to Dog Training Class Management, 6 day workshop, Delta Institute, Sydney
It’s All Tricks, Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (online)
Dog as a second language, Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (online)
Puppy Class Instructors Course, 6 day workshop, Vicki Austin, Brisbane
Responsible Companion Animal Ownership, Delta Institute, Sydney
Dog Training the Delta Way, (2 days seminar), Sydney
The Gap, Giving Animals Purpose, (3 days seminar), Australasian Animal Training & Conditioning, RRC Rockhampton
Dangerous Dog Assessing & Handling (1 day seminar) Steve Austin, PIAA, Gold Coast
Puppies from birth to adulthookd (2 day workshop) Turid Rugaas, Brisbane
Brain Games – Puzzles for Canines, Fenzi Sports Academy (online)
Empowered Puppy Raising, Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (online)
Science based dog training with feeling (2 day workshop) Dr Ian Dunbar, Brisbane
Certificate III in Dog Behaviour & Training (National Dog Trainer Federation)
Bachelor of Arts (Communication), Central Queensland University